The Dark Lights


Genres: Ambient, Slowdance, Speedcore, Thrashabilly

Sound description: The Dark Lights have been said to be “the tightest sloppy bar band ever,” “what the Sex Pistols might have been if they were stranded on a desert island run by effeminate Nazis,” “the sound Battlestar Galactica fans have been waiting for,” and the only place you can hear songs from bands like Agent Orange, X, Devo, Sex Pistols, and The Tan mixed in with unexpected rock staples from the Who, Prince, Zep, Halen. This a band with no limits and no scruples: they laugh on stage, play lots of false starts of punk and hair metal classics, jump around, talk shit, and generally entertain. Sort of like if the Vapors and Van Halen mated and got Dick Gautier and Paul Lynde as frontmen.

RIYL: Breathing

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Sometimes you just say “fluke it” and start a band with old friends solely to have fun and play fun songs. Though long and sordid, this is the story of The Dark Lights. The similarities to Charlie’s Angels are striking.

Way back in the nineties, three local SB boys were spread around California, trying to “make it in rock”:

George started Dishwalla with local friends and had a hugely successful run, touring the world and played in front of 80,000 people one night in Chicago. That was not the night Chicago died. Sadly, his left arm developed problems (and an occasional photograph) and he was forced to quit before 2000 (the year, not people). During his recovery he became the owner of Mike’s Drum Shop, a longtime haven for drummers in Santa Barbara. He learned to play in ways that his arm allowed and rejoined Dishwalla in 2007 as well as founded the outstanding semi-local band Penfifteen Club.

Lucas was in Los Angeles playing shows with his band Eve’s Garden with SB native Devon Collins. Between his career as a commercial editor for the big-wigs, the birth of his two children, and his extreme fear of lisping, the band was slowly put to rest.

Jeff was in San Diego, playing at cafes with Jewel, running a music studio, producing 91x compilations, and raising money for sexual awareness. His band Bodiless signed to a label run by Fleetwood Mac’s producer Richard Dashut, but the label folded three weeks after his record came out. With that and a tragically comical attempt to replace a constantly on the verge of being deported drummer (with blood coming out of his ears), the momentum died.

Low and behold, late in the summer of 2009, Lucas was called upon to perform at Larzapooluza (a local festival for men who wear knickers and find the drummer of Metallica to be strangely attractive). This was the return of the festival after a two-year hiatus and Lucas had become disenfranchised from his previous festival band member and he called upon some unlikely friends, George and Jeff, who turned out to be home-run hitters (they met playing an all-female softball game). The band was such a smash at Larzapooluza, they took a name and soldiered on.

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2009, Santa Barbara, CA


The weather, whimsy, high heels

Current status

The Dark Lights are recording a debut LP of smashing originals and rollicking live staples to be released in late 2010. Get ready to rock!

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