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Dying Crooners


Genre: Punk/Alternative Western

Sound description: Hard rocking, punk-infused riffs and raucous, in-your-face electric guitar solos cross genres to create a sound that is 100 percent rock ‘n’ roll. Cuts like the lick-heavy “30 Years” are just begging to be moshed to. -The Indy



Formed by Davo and Dan in August of 04 because of a lackluster music scene in SB. Well anyways the music scene seemed very exclusive and thus nonexistent. Wanting to make music of our own liking and drawing from predictable influences we started out a two piece playing pretty horrible music with a drum machine. Finally after multiple stints of inactivity we got a drummer (mr. bradley) in June of 05 and started to play shows in a paint shop and invite everyone we could find. which then took us to the 14 below in santa monica and that lineups last show in september 05. Another section here of inactivity. The beginning of the Internet Evangelists. Davo & Dan got accoustic instruments to start playing western inspired music, idea being we can have one of our friends just play a snare drum with brushes. As it turned out we ended up playing with Dave Prine and were able to scrap the brush idea and have him hammer away on everything. DYING CROONERS re-born. Don’t be bashful come on out the shows and talk with us.

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Santa Barbara, CA


Minutemen, Murder City Devils, Clash, Urinals, Gun Club, Dead Kennedys, No Alternative, Dils, Mission of Burma, Leaving Trains, Black Flag, Modest Mouse, Saccharine Trust, D.O.A., Nomeansno, Couch of Eureka, MC5, Stooges, Richard Hell, Catheters, Replacements, HuskerDu, JesusLizard, Pixies, Sebadoh, Dinasaur Jr., Controllers, Skulls, Big Boys, Dicks, Misfits, Fugazi, Screamers, Dead Milkmen, Comets on Fire, Cowboy Nation, Hank Williams I & III, Uncle Tupelo, Southern Restoration Society, The Pogues, Cramps.

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