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The June Recovery

"Vox Humana"


Genres: Alternative, Progressive

Sound description: A lot of influence of early Incubus, with funky bass lines over-driving guitar riffs. Explosive choruses and flowing breakdowns and bridges. Lyrically, the writing stems from real-life experiences, showcasing the growth and maturity over the years. Songs about death, theft, drug addiction, and love all blend together in a very stylistic and original way.

RIYL: Older Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Dave Matthews Band

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Robin and Robert started in late 2006, finally getting their act together in early 2009 when Sam joined the group. The name The June Recovery came from a mishap while recording the first demos. The power trio has been able to produce a very full sound using jazz and funk influences next to heavy riffing and over-driven bass lines. The sound is completely original, but at the same time something one might feel they have heard before, but can’t quite put their finger on. The band is hoping to continue to grow and expand their fanbase in the next year.

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2009, Santa Barbara, CA

Current status

Actively rehearsing, gigging, and recording.

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