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The Limbz


Genre: Hip-hop / Rap

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The LIMBZ was created in 1992 by Kaj Maj (Joshua Mendoza), IZE (Isaac Barba), and X-TEk (George Dwarte). The groups first name was Poetic Justice in 1989, prior to the film, which consisted of X-Tek and Kaj Maj. IZE, who at that time was emceeing and dancing, eventually met up with Kaj Maj to find out that they were brothers, and in 1993 formed the group The Outer Limits. Then, in 1996, due to the re-released TV show, the group’s name was shortened to the LIMBZ. In 1999, two other members were added to the LIMBZ roster: DJ JRA (Joey Ambriz) and Mr. NoName (Micah Douglass), who along with the original three members, are now the LIMBZ.
Now with JRA and a full time studio (JRAMEWZIK-Eeko System Recordings), the LIMBZ have put out a full-length album titled Vocal Vitamin/Vital Supplement, produced by JRA, featuring Dark Leaf, Existereo of the Shape Shifters, Dylan Judah, and much much more. Three out of five members of the LIMBZ are family, Kaj Maj and IZE are half brothers, and IZE and JRA are cousins, yet we all consider ourselves brothers. In art and through hip-hop we are also relate, which creates the persona of the name the LIMBZ, meaning we are all limbs of our family tree in hip-hop culture and music.

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1992, Santa Barbara, CA

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