Mike Mchugh


Genres: Acoustic Groove, Hip-Hop, Reggae, World Beat

Sound description: Rhythms and melodies of folk, reggae, hip hop, house, acoustic groove and world beat

RIYL: Beck, Jack Johnson, Sublime, Tribe, Zepplin

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Producer Mike Mchugh has created the music behind a variety of projects, including Coyotes and Bourbon, DJ QuestionMark, Ajao and Soul Spaceship. His sound encompasses rhythms and melodies of reggae, hip-hop, house, acoustic groove and world beat. Upcoming album, “AcoustiRagaHop,” is a representation of his live solo performance, which includes both acoustic singer-songwriter and beat-based music.

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Santa Barbara, CA


Marley, Hendrix, James Brown, Dilla, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Bukowski, Vonnegut, Kerouac, Robbins

Current status

Live solo performances and with his band Soul Spaceship at a variety of venues in Santa Barbara and Ventura

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