Genres: Funk, Jazz, Reggae

Sound description: tight, fun, danceable, rock-n-roll

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The NEWCATS was established in its first iteration in 2006. At that time all the band members were either in grade school or middle school. Being the first band formed by William Fiedtkou, the founder of Santa Barbara Youth Music Academy, they set the stage for other young artists and became the model to follow for the new bands formed by SBYMA in the years to come. The NEWCATS performed in public and quickly gained popularity on the street and in the local schools, evident when they won the Youth Battle of the Bands award for most fans in attendance in the fall of 2010.

In 2008, two original band members left, leaving the band without a rhythm guitar or drums. The drummer was replaced and the young artists decided they didn’t need the rhythm guitar, so the second iteration of the band got a little smaller. The boys have become outstanding musicians as a group and individually. They all attend different schools and have different hobbies, but find common ground in their love for music and the fun they have performing Rock, Funk, Reggae and Jazz
together. In 2010 they wrote their first original song, and now are working on their third. They have a repertoire of 20 original and cover songs… and counting. Their instrumental versions of well-known popular songs get audiences tapping and rocking in their seats, or up and dancing in the aisles.

They have entertained as such events such as The West Beach Festival, The Avocado Festival, I Modonarri, The Girsh Park Summer Festival, Santa Barbara Fiesta, The University Club, Borders, Jensen’s Music, Camino Real Market Place, Kids for a Cure (yearly), and various other festivals, fundraisers, private and corporate parties. They took second place in the county-wide Youth Battle of the Bands contest held at the Marjorie Luke in October, 2010.

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2006, Santa Barbara, CA



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Playing at the main stage of El Mercado on Aug 4 for Fiesta/ Old Spanish Days. Playing at private wedding on Aug 13th

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