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Rosy Boa


"Such a Shame"


Genre: Alternative

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Rosy Boa emerged from the dust of Kevin Funkhouser’s musical subconscious in early 2008. Raised on a steady diet of Grateful Dead tunes, Funkhouser (yes, that’s really his name) spent time as a guitarist in a bunch of punk, ska, and emo bands in high school before setting off to write his own stuff. Bright Colors, due out in September, is a 30-minute meditation on Day-Glo heartbreak and pure, dumb optimism. Musically, Rosy Boa could be described as somewhat folksy, somewhat alternative, and shamelessly catchy.

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2008, Santa Barbara, CA

Current status

Kevin Funkhouser plays electric guitar and Moog in the cover band Senior Year. He is currently recording another EP for Rosy Boa, slated for release next spring.

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