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Shaky Feelin’


Genres: Experimental, Psychedelic, Reggae, Rock

Sound description: Rock, reggae, bluegrass, funk

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Emerging from Ventura County’s fertile music scene, this powerhouse of a quartet is most noticable for their eye-catching groove-based double drum sound and shredding guitar solos; combining high-energy rock, reggae, bluegrass and funk to create the most memorable live show you’ve yet to see!

Shaky Feelin’ started out as a combination of two bands playing 2010’s New Year’s Eve show. Combining the guitar and bass players from The Situation and adding the drummer from Tantalus Muse; Mark Masson, Rob Jeffries III & Paul Menchaca hit the ground running as a band quickly writing songs. It wasn’t until the addition of second drummer and much accompished sound man Cameron Probe in early February that Shaky Feelin’ took form as the captivating band that they are today.

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2005, Camarillo, CA


Phish, The Allman Brothers, Disco Biscuits, Tea Leaf Green, Grateful Dead, The Police, The Beatles, Michael Jackson

Current status

During this summer we've played in 6 festivals (Dead on the Mountain, Alive in the Desert, Apple Jack Johnson Music Festival, Dead on the Ponderosa, Ojai Classic Rock, Reggae & Jam Festival and Spencer Makenzie's End of Summer Block Party). Our shows have stretched from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Bakersfield, Wrightwood, Apple Valley, Camarilllo, Ventura and such.

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