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Strikes at One


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RIYL: Tool, Alice in Chains, blues or anything that's heavy and melodic

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Strikes At One is distinct and uncompromising - reminiscent of classic rock but with blues, funk and metal influences all wrapped into a sound that is undeniably original.

Featuring Matt Molloy on lead guitar (formerly of Pet The Dog), Jordan Hankey on bass and Beau Bricher on drums (both formerly of MT4D), Strikes’ sound was developed in the hills of Santa Barbara CA in the bands personal studio. Adding Bret Campbell to the mix on vocals proved to be the final compliment to the sound they had all been searching for. The proof is in the music. The sincerity of Bret’s vocals, the melodic weaving of Matt’s guitar, the punching clarity of Jordan’s bass and the amazing intensity that Beau brings on the drums. This band is an experience. With songs like ‘Pyramid,’ that harness raw power to ‘On My Way,’ that shows vulnerability to ‘Sayonara,’ which is a song that was written about a tragic loss… “Blowing around like scattered leaves in a life we think we own, but this ain’t home, light falls from me but know I am not left alone…”

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2011, Santa Barbara, CA


Everything from Beethoven to Pantera

Current status

Just released an EP, "Hardwired." Just signed with a manager on September 1. His name is Mark Rasmussen and he runs Street Loyal Management and is the owner of No Cover Magazine. We are headlining a show at Velvet Jones on Saturday, Sept. 15 and we are planning on playing shows in San Diego, LA, and Fresno in October.

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