Caltrans Live Traffic cameras

Please note: The Caltrans video feeds are temperamental, and may require a couple attempts to load; if there is no response within about 30 to 90 seconds, click back to our page and try again.

Our live traffic videos require either Windows Media Player or a Real Networks's free plug-in.

- 101 as seen from Patterson Avenue (Goleta)

- 101 as seen from Las Positas Overpass (Uptown Santa Barbara)

- 101 as seen from Carrillo Overpass (Mid-town Santa Barbara)

- 101 as seen from Milpas Street (Downtown Santa Barbara)

- - - - -

Link to Caltrans Live traffic cameras for all of California

Answers from the Cal-Trans FAQ page

What are those cameras I see on the freeways?

Closed-Circuit Television Cameras are being installed on many freeways in urban areas. The pictures are beamed into our Transportation Management Centers across the state, where the images are used to verify reported incidents and to dispatch the appropriate response. We are making some of these pictures available on this web page so commuters can make informed decisions as to when to take a trip on the freeway.

Does Caltrans save the videos to use for other purposes?

We don't save any of the videos.

Do you monitor speeders with the videos?

There are strict guidelines regarding the use and transmission of these pictures. They are strictly for traffic management use only, not for law enforcement.

Why don't you offer all your cameras on the web?

We would like to, but Caltrans has hundreds of cameras monitoring California freeways. Adding a camera to our site requires extra equipment and setup for each camera. We're offering as many cameras as we have bandwidth and equipment for right now.

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