Independent Editorial Staff

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Editor in Chief | Marianne Partridge

Executive Editor | Nick Welsh

Senior Editor | Matt Kettmann

Senior Editor | Michelle Drown

Senior Editor | Tyler Hayden

Editor at Large | Ethan Stewart

Digital Editor | Erika Carlos

Digital Assistant | Nancy Rodriguez

News Reporters
Blanca Garcia | Keith Hamm

General News Tips |

Crime Tips: |

Columnist | Barney Brantingham

Event Columnist | Gail Arnold

State Political Writer | Jerry Roberts

Food Writer | George Yatchisin

Opinions Editor | Jean Yamamura

Staff Photographer | Paul Wellman

Executive Arts Editor | Charles Donelan

Copy Chief | Jackson Friedman

Copy Editor | Tessa Reeg

Calendar Editor | Terry Ortega

Calendar Assistant | Amber White

Sports Editor | John Zant

Digital Sports Writer | Victor Bryant

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Creative Director | Caitlin Fitch

Art Director | Ben Ciccati

Graphic Designer | Alex Drake

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