Ellington 2.0 Feature Releases

Ellington Feature Releases

Below is a list of new features and enhancements Ellington is proud to have released.

Publishing: Export into InDesign

The Publishing Exporter is a Web-to-print integration tool built to export story content, certain inlines, photos, obits, events, and polls content from Ellington into InDesign.

Publishing: Export into InDesign

Ellington Groups

Ellington’s Groups application allows users to create and maintain topic-based forums with other site users. Users can start groups for any topic, create posts for discussion, and also discuss posts from other public users.

The Groups Application

NITF Import Logging

NITF Import Logging provids an easy to admin interface for troubleshooting failed story imports. Grouping each import into jobs, the new logging utility provides information about every file you attempt to uplaod.

NITF Import Logging

Obituary Feature Enhancements

Obituary feature enhancements offer the ability to post multiple obituary types including: Obituary, Death Notice, and In Memoriam tributes. Each obituary object includes selections to identify Veterans, add service types like Funeral or Viewing, link the service to a place using Ellington Places model, post service times and dates, include images, and link to an external condolence page. Daily Obituary notifications, using the Ellington Alerts Application can be sent automatically to subscribers via text or email.

The Society Application

Single Thumb Vote or DownVote Options

In addition to an icon change on the current “Up-Vote” feature, sites will now have the ability to include a “Down-Vote” option. The down-vote feature can be activated by a settings change that needs to be completed by Ellington administration.

The Ratings Application

Mobile Browser Detection and Redirection

This application is set to detect if a user is using a mobile or tablet device when visiting your website, and redirect the user to the correct subdomain (your mobile or tablet subdomain). An iPhone or Android phone will be taken to the mobile site, an iPad can be redirected to a tablet site.

Mobile Detection and Redirection

Moderation Queue & Flagging Tools

Ellington’s upgraded moderation feature makes it possible to evaluate user-generated content prior to it being viewed by the public. If a user has been marked as “moderated”, their content goes into a queue for approval before reaching the site. Likewise, if you wish to keep an eye on new users, you can send their first few comments into the queue for moderation.

Ellington Moderation Queue & Flagging Tools

UGC Photos

UGC (user-generated content) Photos allow users to post photos within comments or blog entries and access their photos on their user profile. It will also be possible for staff members to select user photos for story inlines or create Photogalleries of user photos.

UGC Photos

User Activity Stream & Notification Preferences

Site Users will be able to view an activity stream that details their actions and the action of their friends on the site via their user profile. They will also be able to customize email notifications of friends activities.

The Social Application


Ellington’s Debate application allows a newsroom to showcase a debate in a format that is easy to follow and permits the audience to vote on the pundits as they present their arguments.

The Debates Application


Ellington’s Layouts application is a quick and dynamic tool for creating in depth topical pages. Utilizing drag and drop functionality content can be placed and arranged on a page in a matter of clicks.

The Layouts Application

Social Commenting

With the simple click of a button, public users can now share any discussion in which they engage on your site, with their social media sites.

Ellington’s Social Commenting


This toolset offers numerous configuration options including both free and paid content settings, variable recurring subscriptions, user pageview count metering via cookie or account, and possible integration with print subscriber systems via an interchange file format.

Ellington’s Paywall Application

Granular Permissions and Content Federation

This allows user permissions to become site-aware, meaning one single user could have permission to edit content and section fronts on one site, but only be able to contribute photographs to a second site. Implementing granular permissions still allows for an open database, where users can see content that goes to all sites on an installation, it simply restricts which objects can be added and edited based upon site. These site-aware permissions can be taken a step further using Content Federation, which allows you to isolate access to not only add and edit, but even see content between sites.

Ellington’s Granular Permissions Application

Spam Tools

We have increased your arsenal against online spammers! We’ve added the option of implementing the spam monitoring tool Akismet, and also the option of adding Captcha’s to your comment forms.

Ellington’s Spam Reduction Tools

Front End Versioning

Ellington’s story detail pages can now display previous versions of a story. This useful tool can be used in developing stories such as breaking news and sporting events.

Front End Versioning

HTML within Blogs

With the application of our new mogrify_html templatetag, staff members and staff blogs now have the capability to input raw HTML within a blog.

mogrify_html template tag

Template Updates

New Templates updates can be reviewed here

Template Updates

Threaded Comments

Threaded comments allow users to reply directly to an already posted comment, enhancing discussion on your site.

Threaded Comments

Enhanced Email Editions

Ellington’s e-mail editions have been updated to allow you to select the day and time e-mails will be sent as well as allow you to preview your email prior to sending.

Email Editions

Content Versioning

Ellington’s Content Versioning functionality provides the ability to recover old or deleted versions of content via the Admin panel.

Ellington’s Content Versioning

HTML5 Video Player

The Ellington video player delivers HTML5 video to desktop and mobile devices.

HTML5 Video

Twitter Widget

The Twitter widget is a simple way to return a list of recent tweets by a user or a list. All you need is the URL to the API endpoint so the widget can pull the data from Twitter and display it in your markup.

Twitter widget

Social Registration

This application will allow end-users to log in to an Ellington CMS site using Facebook, Twitter (OAuth) or OpenID (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc).

The Social Registration Application

Comments editing

Users now have the ability to edit a comment for 15 minutes after posting.


Elington is proud to announce our integration of oEmbed. This added functionality will automatically embed content from popular sites such as YouTube and into blogs, comments, reviews and answers.


Batch Photo Upload

Ellington now allows for the delivery of batch files of photos into our database via either FTP or WebDAV.

Batch Photo Upload

Multiple Blog Enhancements

Ellington’s handling of user accounts with multiple blogs has been updated for better usability.

Multiple Blogs

Alerts Enhancements

The “send an alert” page (located at /admin/alerts/send/) has been modified to allow a different message to be sent to e-mail vs. SMS. There are now two text boxes, one for e-mail and one for SMS.

To Send an Alert

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps inform the major search engines what content on your site is available for indexing.

XML Sitemaps

External Feed Infrastructure

External feeds allows for the inclusion of any type of external feed (RSS, ATOM, etc.) into a template. Click below for instructions and a template example.

The External Feeds Application

The Answers Application

Answers is a user forum which allows users to discuss local topics like shopping and other selected Categories or Sets designated by the Administrator.

The Answers Application

Blog Enhancements

Blogs have been updated to give enhanced writing tools to the blogger. The user will have access to items, much like the Ellington Story Editor Features.

Blog Enhancements

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