Bad Dog and Other Plays


When: Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007, 8 p.m.

Where: Center Stage Theater, 751 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara

Cost: $10 - $20

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Theater


Michael Smith's new production "Bad Dog and Other Plays" will open on September 14 for a two-week run at Center Stage Theater in downtown Santa Barbara.
Smith is the author of numerous plays, an award-winning director and lighting designer, and the co-founder (with Maurice Lord) of the Santa Barbara theater company Genesis West.

"Bad Dog" is a new sequel to Smith's "Dogs Bark All Night," which was presented by Genesis West at Center Stage Theater in November 2000 while the Bush-Gore election hung in the balance. Laurel Lyle and David Brainard, who played leading parts in that production, will again appear as Janice, the '70s radical who runs for president, and her supportive husband Bill, with Susan Keller and Alfred St. John Smith as Bill's sister Vera and Janice's son Tommy.

The evening is structured as a collage, punctuating "Bad Dog" with three earlier Smith plays, all brief. "More. More. I Want More!," a two-minute skit, was performed at La Mama in New York in 1965. "Fast Forward" was seen in Dramatic Women's "Santa Barbara Confidential" at Center Stage Theater in February 2000. "Point Blank," a loop play for an ensemble of eight actors, has not previously been produced.

Completing the cast are Melissa Paper, Suzanne Bodine, Tom Petra, and Melissa Rose Ziemer. Costumes are by Mary Gibson. The stage manager is O'Connell Driscoll.

Phone: 805-963-0408

Event posted Sept. 4, 2007
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