Bullshot Crummond

A parody of 1930s-era detective movies adapted for the stage, starring hilarious characters like a dashing English hero, dastardly German villains, Otto and Lenya Von Bruno, and more.

When: Friday, June 10, 2011, 7 p.m.

Where: Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre, 1800 Refugio Rd., Goleta

Cost: $35 - $45

Age limit: All ages

Categories: Theater


Hilarity for the entire family! Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre presents Bullshot Crummond as the second show in the 40th Anniversary Season. Running from May 28-July 10th.

Bullshot Crummond, is a stylized parody of low budget 1930s detective movies, starring characters like a dashing English hero, a sweet but quirky English rose and dasterdly German Villians, Otto and Lenya Von Bruno. This representative of the 1980s is directed by Jim Sirianni and stars one of the original 80’s cast members, Ray Wallenthin. German villain Otto Von Bruno and his fiendish wife Lenya battle Hugh “Bullshot” Crummond for the favor of the lovely Rosemary Fenton whose father is being tortured in a dark and gloomy castle. Exploding dynamite, sword fights, crashing planes and car chases make this crazy comedy the perfect family fun.

Phone: 805-967-1962

Event posted May 25, 2011
Last updated June 15, 2011


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