Children’s ballet performed by the students of Gustafson Dance, featuring dancers from the State Street Ballet Young Dancers, the apprentice company to State Street Ballet.

When: Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012, 2 p.m.

Where: Lobero Theatre, 33 E. Canon Perdido St., Santa Barbara

Cost: $12 - $20

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Dance performance


The story begins with the birth of a young reindeer with a seemingly unfortunate nonconformity: a blinking red nose. Santa is not interested in Rudolph for his team of reindeer and the other reindeer tease him and shun him. Rudolph sets off on his own and discovers that there are many who do not fit in in the Land of Misfit Toys. The toys with certain defects dance for Rudolph and explain the need for him to plead their case to Santa. In this snowy adventure, Rudolph befriends an elf who wants to be a dancer, a miner who can’t find gold and eventually the Abominable Snowman. All ends well, as Santa and the other reindeer realize that those who are different have much to offer.

Phone: 805-963-0761

Event posted Nov. 16, 2012
Last updated Nov. 16, 2012


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