You Only Get One Chance

An exhibit of Beau Wilding's prints.

When: Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012, 2 p.m.

Where: Island Brewing Company, 5049 6th St., Carpinteria, CA

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Categories: Art (opening)


You only get one chance to make the most of this precious life. Every moment is an opportunity to access that single chance, embrace this one life… and what will you do with it? The You only get One Chance series of ink brush painting prints attempt to capture this question; the feeling of the immediacy of the moment. A spattering of a few simple brush strokes—often executed within the space of one or a couple mindful breaths,—strives to express the peace of non-striving; that place where our life is met fully where it is, as it is. The paintings were originally created on 8.5” X 11” Braille paper but have been scanned and enlarged to increase the power of the image, stretch the strokes and diminish unnecessary texture . Some include added color through the use of water-smeared oil pastels, while the majority of the series is in black and white.
Utilizing simplistic imagery at times expressive of our life in a hamlet by the beach, the artist offers this series as an encouragement to ruminate upon these questions; you only get one chance to live this precious life, to engage with this moment… And how will you meet it? What will you take and what will you leave behind you? These prints are intended to be a celebration of our life in all its goof, glory and messiness; our one big moment together, our one big chance to—as Leonard Cohen says—dance ourselves “to the end of love”.
Beau Wilding is an artist, musician, massage therapist, Zen student, civil servant, poet, and general ne’er do well. He lives in Carpinteria.

Phone: 805-745-8272

Event posted Jan. 29, 2012
Last updated Jan. 29, 2012


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