Brothers of the Baladi

Performance by Portland, Oregon-based Middle Eastern band with a unique style and sound that ranges from traditional acoustic to a rockin’ groove that audiences love.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, 7 p.m.

Where: SOhO, 1221 State St., Santa Barbara

Cost: $10

Age limit: All ages

Categories: World Music


• Traditional Middle Eastern instruments (acoustic and electric Oud and Saz, Mizmar, Midjwiz, Def, Riq, Davul, and Doumbek) fueled with Guitar, Bass, and Drums for a unique sound that crosses borders and bridges cultures;

• Vocals in seven languages: Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, French, Spanish, Armenian, and English;

• Exotic rhythms and sounds blended seamlessly with familiar grooves, making their music highly accessible to all audiences;

• Traditional Middle Eastern songs, well chosen “Baladized” cover songs, and unique original material; and

• Middle Eastern/World Music and Drumming Workshops for all levels.

Phone: 805-962-7776

Event posted Oct. 24, 2012
Last updated Oct. 24, 2012


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