1st Thursday Afterhours at DNA features LA artists Jeff Weins and Kelcey Fisher, with music and refreshments.

When: Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Where: DNA Gallery, 529 E. Guitterez St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Cost: Free

Age limit: All ages

Categories: Exhibitions


Jeff thrives on the abstract. With a knack for welding unconventional hues with vivid graphics, his work is an expression of the oddities and misfits in life. Each canvas skillfuly blurs and blends intense pigments to create a memorable and priceless product. For the eccentric, the disobediant, and the revolutionary, each work is a lively fit to satisfy every taste and palate.

Kelcey bridges the gap between studio and street art; creates a new species through hybridization. He sets figures afloat in a sea of color and contrast, juxtaposing the steady warmth of an icon with the vibrations of a multicolored backdrop. Above all, his work evokes his personal qualities; artistic deft, an appreciation for a wide spectrum of lifestyles, and an eternal sense of warmth.

This event is DNAs first 1st Thursday Afterhours featuring two artists. Plan to experience "Jä-mā-vü," the phenomenon of experiencing a recognized situation, but nonetheless seems unfamiliar, to kick off 2013

Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Artist Reception: 7-10 PM
Music: DJ Chadillac Green

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Instagram /// @jeffweins @kfishla

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Instagram /// @dnaimagery #thednalife #dnaimagery
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Phone: 805-680-0038

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