The technology behind RSS allows you to subscribe to the Independent's content, receiving new articles and updates as they are added. To use this technology you need to set up some type of aggregation service, or have an RSS enabled browser like Firefox. These news and article feeds become your personal mailbox.

Unlike typical subscriptions to pulp-based newspapers and magazines, your RSS subscriptions are free. We will typically give you a line or two of each article or post, providing a link to the full article or post. To immediately receive our RSS feeds, please copy a link below and paste it in your feed aggregator. You may add as many or few of the feeds as you wish.

If you need more information on feed readers and aggregator, Wikipedia has a nice introduction here. We have found the Google feed reader and alert service very easy and reliable; more information can be found here. Click here for a short introductory video to RSS.

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Short Introductory video:

Lee Lefever has a 3-minute video introducing the concepts of
RSS and Feed Aggregation.

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