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What is IndyAlert?

IndyAlert is a web-based messaging system to keep our community informed during and preceding emergencies.

What makes up an Emergency?

Threats of any sort to the public would be likely IndyAlerts. Some examples: severe weather (such as high winds, rain which may cause flooding), natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami), main highway closures (Highway 101, 154), civil disturbances, toxic spills, train derailments, jail break, mayhem!

I don't like my email on file. What privacy and security do you provide?

During the registration process, your identity is yours to share or not. Although we need an email to complete the registration and administer the messages, your identity is never required, and there are dozens of ways to get an anonymous email address. Your phone number is necessary for text messages, but is not used by our system for any other purpose. Further details of our Privacy Policy are here.

What type of messages do you send?

We sent out text messages, email messages, and broadcast messages. The text and email messages are brief, with only the most important information; we will provide links to our website expanded coverage where applicable, or at least the links to the pages we devote to the coverage.

Where will the information come from?

We send out the information from our website, the email address of origin will be

Where do you get your information?

We use municipal and utility sources, other media, and our own reporting from the Santa Barbara Independent staff. Community information and help is always welcome.

Can I send you a photo or video? I'd also like to give you some information.

During a crisis, we will actively seek out information and material from our readers and listeners, and post links on the website to submit information and photos, video, tips, and stories -- and phone numbers to leave recorded messages. The community is an important partner in helping present the best information possible.

What if the power goes out?

Our radio updates on KCSB 91.9 FM are important, and we will provide them at regular times during the hour. Since cell phones have portable power, our text messaging service becomes crucial. Also, some folks now have Internet satellite hookups (like on a Blackberry or iPhone) on their laptops, so the website will be live also. We have taken steps to keep our website functional during power outages, so we anticipate keeping our information fresh in spite of a power outage.

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