Palm diagram

Palm diagram

Back to the Tip of Mercury

Taking Cues from the Little Finger

Let’s look again at your little finger, better known among palmists as the Mercury finger. According to Indian palmistry traditions, this finger is peculiar. It shows a person’s best talents in business and shrewdness in life, and can indicate the good or bad qualities of the mound underneath. A good palmist looks here first to see if you are a shrewd rogue, or a wise criminal, as the finger has been related to criminology. Palmists want to know right away who and what they are dealing with, and by standard industry practice, they’ll start at the tip.

So how’s that tip? If it’s square, a palmist can’t tell very much, really.

But if it’s shaped like a spatula? We call that spatulate. If so, you are probably a hands-on type of communicator.

If the Mercury tip is what palmists call conic, or shaped like a cone, we tend to gather that you talk a lot. Like, even while dancing salsa with a partner you might be discussing business, the beach, weather, while the poor bloke you’re dancing with is trying to count the steps and concentrate on the “one-two-three.” What can I say - you’re a multi-tasker. Perhaps you also move through many facets of your personality, moonlighting perhaps, taking on more than one job at a time. You need to, but you also like the excitement and challenge of going back and forth. You would get bored doing only one set of tasks - you have a more expansive personality than that.

A pointed Mercury tip on the other hand indicates someone who is extremely eccentric. This might be a mark of a sensitive poet who can be articulate, but needs to find a niche. That, or nobody understands him.

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