School Board Candidate Kate Smith.

Ben Preston

School Board Candidate Kate Smith.

Kate Smith Sings for Public

Disqualified School Board Candidate Airs Her Grievances

At the polls yesterday, the ballot was dispensed with a special notice that School Board Candidate Kate Smith had been disqualified because she had moved out of the School Board’s jurisdiction. Despite the caveat, Smith garnered more than 13,000 votes-nearly 3 percent more than Jaqueline Inda. Smith appeared in front of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art this afternoon to protest her ejection from the race, and to sing a very heartfelt rendition of “God Bless America” for passersby. “I ran for the Santa Barbara School Board to expose corruption in our schools!” she shouted, catching the attention of a couple of people who stopped for a couple of minutes to listen politely. “I was disqualified illegally, and they cannot violate the peoples’ rights with impunity!”

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