Ray Ford

San Marcos Foothills Preserve Closed Temporarily

Portions of County Park May Reopen After Damage Assessment Is Completed

One of Santa Barbara’s newest county parks has been closed this afternoon due to damage suffered during the Jesusita Fire, ongoing concern for public safety and continuing firefighting operations.

On Thursday night, as the fire turned west and threatened homes in the Northridge area, it quickly moved through the open grassland and oak forests in the preserve and crossed Highway 154 near the San Antonio Creek bridge about 10 p.m.

By Ray Ford

Pushed by 30- to 40-mile-per-hour winds, County Parks officials estimate about 70 percent of the preserve area was impacted by the fire. Fire crews also continue to use the entrance area for helicopter operations as well. As a result, the bridge leading across Salvar Road to Via Gaitero is also closed.

For further information, contact County Parks at 568-2461 or visit the County Parks Web site (

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