The Three-Percent Revolution

Our country is in serious trouble. Do you have a sinking feeling that your liberty is being stolen? The government no longer respects the Constitution or the people. Look no further than your local politician, all the way up to the highest office in the land. Your constitutionally protected inalienable rights are being negotiated away in the back rooms of Congress and in treaties with a World Government far away. Crisis, emergency, the end is near-give up your freedom or we will all perish. No thank you.

What then is transpiring? Clearly a massive transfer of wealth and power from the most productive and resourceful to the poorest and non-productive. Health care “reform” is but one example; those who are most able will be punished to pay for those unable or unwilling to contribute. The result is the same, all will be miserable.

A year ago many voted for “hope and change,” a promised socialist utopia; what they got was abandonment and despair. Now here comes progressivism and worse, Marxism & Communism. Your constitutional rights are going to be gone soon if you sit in that chair.

Localism on the airwaves will strangle the First Amendment; the Inter-American Arms Treaty will give the UN the power to control firearms; HR 875, The Food Safety Modernization Act, will centralize control of the food supply. It goes on and on.

Just 3% percent of the population was active at any given time in fighting for the American revolution in 1776; will you let Tyranny take hold today?-Steven Clark, S.B.

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