Handgun Reportedly Seized from Youth

Loaded Weapon Under Mattress, Police Say

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A DUI arrest warrant turned into an arrest for more serious charges after Santa Barbara police found a weapon in the home of an 18-year-old, in the first block of South Voluntario Street.

Detectives saw a metal baton lying inside a window seal at the young man’s house as they walked up to the house to knock on the door. They backed off and headed to the station to obtain a search warrant for the home, suspecting that the baton was an illegal weapon.

Later that day they returned, and recovered the baton-which police said belonged to the U.S. National Parks Service-as well as a fully loaded Glock 10mm handgun allegedly hidden under his mattress, along with two fully loaded magazines and a holster. The serial numbers on the weapon had been removed, according to a press release from the police department.

Detectives arrested the youth for weapons possession and are trying to figure out how the he came to possess the items.