Animal Appreciation

What They’re Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Ruger (cattle dog mix): I am thankful I have a kid to play with and a mom and dad that love me. I am thankful for all the snacks they give me and for how they trust me in a lot of situations. I am thankfult that they give me time to learn. Sometimes I learn really fast and sometimes it takes me a while to understand. They are patient with me.

Isaac (horse): I am thankful when my people realize that my back hocks sometimes hurt. I am graterful for my feed on colder nights and I am grateful for the sun that lights up the moist grass in the morning. I am grateful that my people get me the best hay. If you have bad hay your stomach always hurts.

Bruley (French Bulldog): I am thankful for clean air and towels. I don’t like to be dirty. I am thankful for a mom and dad that give me massages and rub my ears. I am thankful that I no longer live in a place with loud noises. I am thankful for clean water and for being brave around bigger dogs. I am thankful that I care about myself and my people. Some dogs don’t care. I feel bad for them.

Freckles (goat): I am grateful for farms and for each individual having a story. I try to listen really hard to what each animal and person has to say. Every one is different. It would be depressing if everyone were the same. I like the tops of flowers; I would be even more grateful it I had more of those. I am grateful for the stars. I am not grateful for ants, but I am sure someone must be.

Ava (Torti cat): I am grateful for a good hunt. I am grateful for the world that is just outside of this one. I am grateful for little people who make the world shine. I am grateful for soft beds to lie on and for people who clean up throw up. I am grateful that mad men stay away from our house. I am grateful for squirrels in the trees and the sound of wind chimes and water fountains.

Cooper (Border Collie mix): I am grateful for toys of couse, play time, and being able to run really fast and in circles. I am grateful that my mind is faster than any human’s. I am grateful that I am brighter than most dogs. I am grateful for being clever. I am grateful for my people who like to teach me things. I am grateful for my sibling who tells me to settle down when I start to get to crazy. I am grateful for cheesy treats.

Nora (cat): I am grateful for soft music, catnip, and stories. I love to listen to what books have to say. I am grateful for knowledge and my ability to retain information. I am grateful for my sense of smell, and wet cat food. I am grateful for pillows and a beautiful view. I am grateful for love.

Paloma (dog): I am grateful for my breath. I am grateful that there is a heaven that I will go to one day and that I will be able to see my friend there. I am grateful for the taste of real meat. I am grateful for my mom who cares.

Goldie (chicken): I am grateful for our house when it is cold and for the other chickens to keep me company. I am grateful for pumpkins and all the people who come to visit us. I am grateful everytime the sun comes up again. I used to not know if it would for sure because the nights got longer, but it always does. I am grateful for the sun’s warmth.

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