Obama: Tax-and-Spend Liberal, or Muslim?

I’d like to address those who can’t decide whether President Obama is a tax-and-spend liberal Democrat or a Muslim.

First of all, I have as much use politically for Obama as I do for McCain, which is to say that while I wish them well I didn’t vote for either of them and I think politics has become a joke.

Obama was raised by a free spirited mother whose views on life were quite different from the Muslim religion. Perhaps she nominally went along with the rules of play while they lived in Indonesia but neither she, nor her parents (who helped her raise Obama), evinced any sign of being disciples of Allah.

Here is the coup de gr•ce in this silly debate: The libertine sexual mores of the Democratic Party are diametrically opposed to tne conservative approach of the Muslim religion. Also consider the respective role of women in Islam and in the Democratic Party. So I ask this of Obama’s critics: Which is it? Is he a liberal Democrat, or is he a Muslim? Given how opposed the two approaches are I’d say he couldn’t be both.-Bill Clausen

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