AKA Animal Communicator

Fascinated by the Mind

Dear Laura, what made you a pet psychic?

I am also known as an animal communicator. This means that I can telepathically talk to animals. My mind quickly transfers the animals’ thoughts, the feelings in their bodies, and their emotions into words.

I have always been interested in the mind, and in the various ways individuals communicate. As a child I instantly knew what animals were thinking and what people’s intentions were. I was fascinated with body language. I was constantly trying to figure why my dog blinked his eyes and turned away at a certain time or why Mom chose to cross the street abruptly. I wrote stories as a young child and became captivated with creativity and how thoughts arose.

I was a freshman in high school when a successful doctor and writer taught me how to meditate. He believed that meditation was the key to success, or to being “a winner” as he put it. I loved watching my mind. I was highly intuitive. I heard animals’ thoughts, knew what people were thinking, and saw and heard dead people. Unlike many others in my field growing up, I never felt “different.” I actually felt oddly ordinary.

I didn’t know that other people did not have these abilities and at times this frustrated me. I couldn’t understand why my riding trainer would beat my horse when she refused to jump because her hip hurt her, why people argued and hurt each other’s feelings when they so clearly loved each other, or why people “corrected” a dog by hitting or jerking when the dog was clearly confused.

In college I majored in psychology and worked at a Montessori School. Everything I learned about children, adults, pathology, and communication I related to animals. Studying the importance of structure, clear communication, and how our past affects our present reality became my focus.

After graduating college, in 1996, I turned my studies entirely to animals. I studied with Linda Tellington-Jones, Robyn Hood, and Carol Gurney and took hundreds of animal-training workshops. I adopted a high-percentage wolf hybrid who taught me everything I know about wolves’ body language and how to remain calm and assertive in complete aggressive chaos. I volunteered at a county shelter and studied how stress affects behavior, and how to communicate with and handle an animal to bring them peace in such stressful situations. I worked actively as a humane animal trainer and pet psychic for 12 years.

For the past two years, I have worked fulltime solely as a pet psychic. I have realized that this is where I can be of most service. I help to shift behavioral problems, help veterinarians diagnose illnesses, and help people and animals understand each other better. Because of my past and current studies in psychology, animal behavior, and meditation, I can now easily separate what thoughts, feelings, and emotions are coming from me, or the animal, or a person around me. Our untapped abilities of the mind are incalculable. I am constantly striving to receive even more clear and accurate information.

Often people say to me that I am “gifted.” I do believe that a higher power has gifted me the ability to converse with the animals, but I believe we are all gifted with unique talents. It is up to each individual to seek out what “gift” we have been given and then put in the time to study and perfect that gift. It is only through hard work and dedication that we can become masters of the profession (or hobby) we choose.

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