Stormy with the author.

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Stormy with the author.

Animal Aspirations

Smiling Dogs and Meditating Cats

Happy New Year! It is time to ask my animals what they aspire to in the new year:

Stormy (11-year-old Aussie):This next year, I would like to go to more spiritual places with my mom (my person). I have noticed that the people at Krotona (Theosophical Society in Ojai) are calm and there are ancient energies thriving there. These energies help me know whom I am deep inside. I have thoughts at Krotona that I have never had before. The other day, I had the thought that my happiness is from lifetimes of experiencing other beings smiling. I usually just think my happiness is from the moment.

Makia (15-year-old cat): I want a butterfly garden planted for me. I would like to learn how to heal other cats from a distance. I don’t like other cats in my space, but I like the idea of them healthy. Sometimes I have anger because of my diabetes and sugar levels. When this happens I want to remember to meditate in my closet.

Joey: (16-year-old cat): I have been struggling with health. I want to get healthy and I want to climb something. I can only hear some music tones. I want to be able to notice when the music is on and go and sit by it everyday. I like Christmas music but the light classical is the best. I don’t like country at all. Light classical helps me meditate on health.

Serafina (10-year-old cat): There is a part of me that wants to learn how to ride a bicycle. Is that possible? Maybe some of the people you meet at Krotona could come over and teach me something wise. Do they do rituals? I think we should give the Buddha statue a flower every day or make sure he has birdseed on his lap. I think he likes our property more when we do that for him.

Bean (four-year-old bunny): I want to learn how to sleep on your bed all night long. Most people who come to our house love animals and want to learn to talk to us. I want to teach one human to hear me completely. Sometimes humans get confused with their own thoughts. That is why my thoughts are extra confusing to them. I also want to learn how to climb a tree like a squirrel.

Maia (wolf-dog in heaven): Time is different here. I think more of what I want to learn in the moment. The thought of time progressing is not the same. I am learning at each moment to be comfortable with myself. I am also learning to trust my instincts. I am learning to be with myself before I make a decision. I am learning that God is soothing only if you let God be.

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