On the Eve of Destruction

Seeing that President Obama is determined to turn the United States into a socialistic entitlement nation much the same as the failing European Union Members, such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, I cannot understand how a wise Democrat could continue to blindly follow him down his path of destruction.

Conservatives are concerned knowing where this path of destruction leads, to a bankrupt entitlement country such as Greece, that expects the government to be the provider of all their wants, needs, and desires. Wise conservatives know that in order for the government to give you everything, they must first take everything away from you.

To understand the Democrats’ socialistic strategy, conservatives need look no further than the brash rhetoric of Communist [in the view of this letter’s author] Tom Hayden’s circa 1968 testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, during which Hayden read the following from an instructional flyer he had co-authored. “… disobey your parents. Burn your money. You know life is a dream and all of our institutions are man-made illusions effective because you take the dream for reality … Break down the family, church, nation, city, economy; turn life into an art form, a theatre of the soul, and a theatre of the future; the revolutionary is the only artist … What’s needed is a generation of people who are freaky, crazy, irrational, sexy, angry, irreligious, childish and mad; people who say “To hell with your goals,” people who lure the youth with music, pot and acid, people who redefine the normal; people who break with the status-role-title-consumer game; people who have nothing material to lose but their flesh.” (Quotations from the book The Manchurian President, by Aaron Klein, 2010; pages 26-27).

The agenda of Progressive Democrats of America, such as Tom Hayden, and the agenda of President Barack Obama appear to be one and the same.—James Lee, Kapolei, Hawaii

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