Peeper Put Behind Bars

Man Sentenced to 36 Years to Life on Assault Conviction Coupled with Three Strikes Rule

Scott Randolph Hanson, 44, was sentenced on Tuesday to 36 years to life in prison on an assault conviction coupled with the Three Strikes Rule. According to a press release, his assault conviction came from a crime committed on July 21, 2009, when a woman on the 2400 block of Fletcher Avenue and a second woman on the 500 block of West Alamar Avenue spotted Hanson peeping in their backyard while they were unclothed.

Scott Randolph Hanson
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Scott Randolph Hanson

The first woman sent her boyfriend to confront Hanson, who attacked her boyfriend with a piece of lumber and escaped. The second woman recognized Hanson as a guest of her neighbor, and officers determined his location and arrested him.

According to a press release, Hanson has committed crimes since 1967, beginning with theft, property crime violations, and sexually assaulting a woman. As an adult, he has been convicted of burglary, theft, drugs, prowling, and assault. He has had a four-year prison sentence in Nevada and a 13-year, eight month-sentence in California. His most recent crime was considered by the Superior Court to be his third strike.

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