Armed Populace

Dan McCaslin was unnerved by three non-tatoo’ed clean-cut gentlemen with handguns on their hips having coffee in the Montecito Starbucks. [Voices, “Wild, Wild Montecito”] The manager told him that she appreciated the armed presence of law-enforcement trainees since there had recently been violence nearby. I hope Mr. McCaslin’s pant-leg did not get wet at the sight of these armed men who were obviously not gang-bangers or drug-dealers.

If he wants to see first-hand the results of an un-armed populace fully capable of defending itself against government tyranny, he should go to his computer. There, he should Google Youtube>History Channel>Stalin. He will see a large collection of actual film of what happens to an unarmed, innocent populace unable to defend itself from the tyranny of an evil government.

Oh, I know, our government will NEVER behave like communist Russia. Try telling that to over 170 million innocent children, women, and men who were brutally tortured and massacred in the 20th century by socialism/communism.

Check it out, Dan, and picture yourself at the end of one of Stalin’s ropes or the gun barrel of one of his retarded henchmen. When it happens, you will not be able to reach those armed young men at Starbucks.

If I ever find myself in Santa Barbara, I WILL stop by that Starbucks, buy a coffee, and wish that manager a good day. If Dan walks in and asks me to leave because my gun makes him nervous, I will be glad to step outside for him. I hate to see a grown man with a wet pant leg.

I lived in Southern California for over 30 years. I’m so happy that I left that open-bordered, third-world-infested cesspool of socialism in time. Good luck.—Jean-Claude Guenette, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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