Inmate Fails in Escape Attempt

County Jail Put on Lockdown After Wednesday’s Violent Incident

Corey Dugan, a 19-year-old inmate in Santa Barbara County Jail, failed in an attempt to escape from the facility Wednesday night.

Despite being handcuffed, Dugan attacked a custody deputy when he was being transferred to a different holding cell, and was able to overpower the deputy. Dugan was allegedly able to steal the keys and uniform from the deputy, “in an attempt to impersonate a jail employee during his quest to escape,” said Sheriff spokesman Drew Sugars in a press release.

But another deputy saw Dugan, who allegedly attacked that deputy as well. More deputies responded and finally subdued the inmate before he reached a security door.

Two deputies were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.

Dugan, who has been in custody since July 11, 2009, and was approaching trial in a sexual assault and kidnapping case, now faces charges that could include attempted escape and assaulting a peace officer.

A search of Dugan’s clothes turned up a homemade knife he used to threaten deputies. The jail facility has been on lockdown since the incident.

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