Americans Not That Blind

Two weeks to go. We are being constantly told, sold, the idea that a Republican “surge” will hit Congress on Election Day.

Republican mouthpieces, corporate media, and DC pundits and prognosticators are trying to create an aura of inevitability that a major backlash against Democrats will happen this election. BS!! There will be some anti-incumbent backlash, no doubt. Major? Think again.

Many Democrats have been incredibly wimpy in the last two years. Most congressional Republicans have been working very hard to gum up and cripple our government in an attempt to destroy our honestly elected president. Their last guy was not honestly elected. So they lie and obstruct to unprecedented levels and continue to become more extreme as they absorb more clueless, weird, and extremist Tea-type candidates.

This is the backdrop to the 2010 election. It is the most important election of our lifetime.

So what are voters looking at in the two major parties? Mostly honest Wimps on one side, versus Liars and Weird Wackos on the other side.

Democrats may have lost their way for a time, but, of course, they’ve been undermined at getting anything done at every turn. But Democrats tend to be generally honest people doing what they can to create and enact policies that serve to better the lives of average American people.

And what is the Republican alternative? Who do they represent and what are the solutions they offer?

If you listen to what they’re saying, and look at what they propose as policy, the truth is this: The Republican Party has nothing to offer but imbalance and injustice!

I do not believe the American public has been persuaded to support the Republican strategy of deceit, obstruction, and the legitimization of the ongoing transfer of wealth and power to the already wealthy and powerful whom they obviously serve. I don’t believe the public is that blind. (Okay, maybe 25 percent are, but not enough to win an election unless it is bought or stolen.)

Please take this election as seriously as it needs to be taken and do what you can to elect honest, competent, and caring people to office. American Democracy itself is at stake.

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