An elk on Santa Rosa Island ridgeline (zoom in)

Chris Goldblatt

An elk on Santa Rosa Island ridgeline (zoom in)

Four Hooves Good

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is the public sufficiently aware that the genetically unique, incredibly majestic group of Roosevelt Elk on Santa Rosa Island have been deemed not genetically pure enough by the powerful extremists that run the park service and the non-governmental organizations that control them? They are on the count-down for eradication and will be extincted by paid sharp shooters by the end of 2011. The elk fill the same niche as large hooved animals did during the waning period of the last ice age (such as pigmy wooly mammoths). It is yet another money-making agenda pushed by radicals to play God and shape the natural world in their own perverted and often incorrect vision of the way things should be. The elk are beautiful and often grace the cliff edges; people have been treated to the sight of these incredible animals for the past 65 years.

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