Speaking of Plunder

In response to Diana Thorn’s letter “Planned Chaos,” I can only slap my forehead. Disruption and chaos planned by none other than President Obama? A dark and dangerous conspiracy where the “have nots” plunder from the “haves”?

It is utterly delusional to brand as a “dangerous conspiracy” this largely non-violent groundswell of protest against rampant Wall Street bankster corruption, high unemployment, and further tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of seniors and the less fortunate. I think the real conspiracy lies in the intent of the far right to dissolve the middle class and set up a 19th Century-style fiefdom where there are simply the “haves” and the “have nots,” with a Dickensian vacuum in between.—Mike Mullins, Carpinteria


Ms. Thorn claims the Occupy Wall Street movement “has been promoted by the Main Street Media as a grassroots protest by some kids victimized by college debt who are mad at the rich and corporations.” As usual, if reality intrudes on her right-wing echo chamber, Ms. Thorn puts her hands over her ears and shouts “La-la-la, I can’t hear you.” The protest is more widely based than the writer and others of her ilk, including some in the media, would like you to believe.

Many employed Americans and those looking for work are legitimately upset that one percent of the population controls 40% of the wealth in our country. With all due respect, it’s not because they work harder. It’s because they use their wealth and power to buy and sell corrupt politicians of both parties.

The writer’s list of “supporters” of the Occupy movement is ludicrous. Her sources (if any) remain anonymous. One could counter that the Tea Party movement is supported by the Aryan Nation, XE Services (formerly Blackwater), Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, the Heritage Foundation, the Koch brothers, Goldman-Sachs, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. This would not, however, be an effective argument as it would probably be misconstrued as a compliment.

Ms. Thorn continues, “The group’s Web site reports its link to the violent uprisings in Europe and the Middle East.” Is she referring to the “Arab Spring” where revolutions overthrew dictators who had brutalized their people (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) for decades? When is fighting for freedom and justice a bad thing? When it upsets your own applecart, perhaps? When a rigged game gives the poor and middle class rotten apples, the result is not likely to be apple pie.—Robert Baruch, Goleta

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