Spiritual Warfare

Whenever I see publicity ads that refer to Santa Barbara as “one of America’s best kept secrets,” I can’t help but agree with the fairly ambiguous billing; however, my interpretation and application of such a billing is probably quite unique. I know firsthand that within the quaint ambiance of Santa Barbara lies a significant war that’s been hidden from the general public - it’s a spiritual war that’s been going on for decades.

My perspective on the matter comes from finding myself right in the middle of the spiritual battlefields. Many of the “players” involved in these battles are connected to Santa Barbara’s “old” and influential families - and they have been fighting over money, land, and God’s Plan.

On one side of the battlefield there are those individuals that my godmother referred to as “not of God.” As a child, I encountered many demonic attacks from some of these individuals. I did come to realize, however, that God the Father does have a negative part to His Plan and that there is a deep mystery to iniquity. Interestingly, the people that were threatening me were restricted in terms of what they were allowed to do to me — and rarely did they try to venture out of bounds.

On the other side of the battlefield is a people who set out to help fulfill God’s purposes, but they wound up turning a spiritual mission into a mess. These privileged people (the ones who should have known better) became rather haughty, and furthermore, they refused to heed God’s direction even though the Spirit had shown them the way. What they have done involves a mystery and the problem they created will eventually manifest itself throughout Santa Barbara.

The implication here is that those of the spiritual seed have acted more abominably than the tares. What it all comes down to is this: The Father knows what’s in the hearts of all souls and the Son shall be the judge of all the earth.

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