What Do You Know for Sure?

Chasing Your Future Is Like Chasing a Butterfly

I ask my animals, “What do you know for sure?”

Stormy (11 year old Aussie): I know that love is the best emotion to have, because if I keep that emotion inside of me sometimes even my stomachache goes away. I know my mom (person) will always take care of me and if something is wrong she will figure it out. I know that if people read their intelligence gets bigger.

Makia (15-year-old cat): I know that the same amount of days go by between each big moon. I know that if I ask enough you will brush me. I know getting stuck by a needle (insulin) twice a day makes me feel better. I know cars take you to a world that is vaster than our yard.

Joey (16-year-old cat): I know that someday I will die and I will be able to breathe better than I can now. I know that in heaven I can choose to be happy or be sad just like here. I know that you love us so much that you want to see us in many lifetimes. I know I am sick. I know you will be with me when I die.

Serafina (10-year-old cat): I know that each individual has a different way of thinking, and if you think in circles you do not change what you want to change, but if you think in lines you get where you want to go faster. I know this because I read people’s minds. I know that if I drink enough water and eat just enough good food I will be healthy for a long time.

Bean (4-year-old bunny): I know that each morning I will get either carrot tops or another green. I know that when you wake up you always open my curtains so that I can see night turn to day. I know you will always take care of me. I know I will eventually learn everything I need to learn.

Maia (wolf-dog in heaven): I know I will find a way to come back to you sooner than you plan. I can see everyone’s future and a lot of times there is a different future than someone sees. If we open our hearts more then that future comes to us. Chasing after our future is like chasing after a butterfly. Opening your hearts, doing what you love, and following your intuition is how your future finds you.

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