America’s Reliable Asset in the Middle East

Israel Contributes to U.S. Security and Economic Vitality

As popular protests spread throughout the Middle East, the United States finds itself in a very difficult situation. The future of the political landscape is unpredictable, and yet the U.S. government must make decisions which will determine its standing in the region for years to come. In a region plagued by uncertainty and instability, there is only one country which remains a reliable asset to the United States: Israel.

Israel contributes directly to the vitality of the U.S. economy and the quality of the U.S. health care system. Israeli researchers develop top quality consumer products, business tools, and medical equipment used every day in the United States. Notable examples include the first cell phone, the Intel Centrino chips found in many modern laptops, text messaging, and a computerized system for administering medications to hospital patients.

Israeli innovations also help ensure the safety of American soldiers on the ground. Israeli technologies protect our tanks and personnel carriers from explosives, help our soldiers avoid booby traps, and detect suicide bombers before they strike. Israeli bandages help soldiers prevent blood loss and infection of wounds.

Finally, Israel contributes to the safety of all Americans by sharing its homeland security expertise. The U.S. constantly improves its emergency response, airport security, border security, and port security by maintaining dialogue with homeland security leaders in Israel.

Regardless of regional politics, Israel will always remain an ally and an indispensable asset to the United States.

Max Samarov is a graduating senior from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is majoring in political science and plans to pursue a career in international relations and international business after graduation.

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