Allied v. Marborg

I live in the City of Goleta and I am a part of the community. I would like to take advantage of the fact that we live in a country with rights and freedom of expression.

When I came to live in this country, I believed that laws were respected and everything was done out in the open, particularly government matters, but I am starting to find out that this is not the way things are handled. For example, in the meetings between Allied Waste and the Goleta City Council, there was a proposal of a 12.5 percent reduction in the price of the solid waste collection services, and other proposals by which the community would benefit. However, the people we elected to represent us made decisions without taking us into consideration.

When these same representatives need our vote they write to us, they promise us many benefits, and claim they will do the best for our community. Some of the Goleta City Council members make unclear decisions, for their own benefit and for the benefit of those who do not need anything, forgetting those who are in need.

My apologies to the Goleta councilmembers, but what I see from them is a lack of ethics, a lack of professionalism, and finally a lack of shame. The only thing I can see clearly is that Mario Borgatello (Marborg) is the person that makes the decisions for the council of the City of Goleta. This may be because he has good connections, a lot of power, or a lot of money to share. However, we cannot let Mr. Borgatello (Marborg) control all the city and county because we the community will suffer the consequences, and we will regret it.

Allied Waste needs a chance to stay in Goleta offering fair prices to the customers and continued employment for the company workers.

I suggest that the community write, call, or send e-mails to Councilmember Paula Perotte. She is the only person who can help re-open the bidding and then everything can be done out in the open.

Members of the council of the city of Goleta, we do not want a monopoly. We want competition, and we want those of us in the lower class to have benefits and a vote in this debate.

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