Save Social Security

Tell Government to Pay Back the $2.6 Trillion

When our elected representatives and the media warn us that the Social Security Fund is running out of money, they do not speak the truth. American taxpayers are forced to be the largest U.S. Treasury Bond investors in the world because the entire balance of the Social Security Fund, all $2.6 trillion of it, has been borrowed by the U.S. government!

You betcha. Upon receipt of your payroll taxes that fund Social Security, the Treasury instantly converts them to special issue Treasury bonds. In simpler terms, money is taken out of the Social Security Fund and replaced with IOUs! This has been going on for decades. Why do you, your friends, neighbors, and relatives allow our government to steal your retirement money?

Without Social Security, many seniors and permanently disabled residents in Santa Barbara and throughout the country will be homeless. It is insurance that we all paid for, and we deserve to receive the benefits.

Social Security is successful at taking money from workers and giving it to retired people; that is what was intended. It was not intended to support government.

Contact your elected reps, demand that the government immediately repay the $2.6 trillion they stole, and enact legislation to end our government’s continuous stealing of your retirement funds. The first fix would be to put a lock on the fund. Then cut government spending, give the president line-item veto, and set up campaign reform to stop all special interest groups. There should only be one group considered for receipt of Social Security Funds and that is the American public.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The Social Security Trust Fund website offers to-the-month spreadsheets of fund holdings and every one discloses nothing but U.S. Treasury bonds. Our retirement money has been stolen to fund runaway government spending by our two-party system. Make them pay it back now!

Ruth Case is a great-grandmother who has always been concerned about “right,” and who longs for a peaceful society where we all just get along. She lives in Carpinteria.

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