Elders Beware!

I have been under conservatorship for over five years. This never should have occurred. This happened after a terrible auto accident in which my husband was killed, and I was severely injured.

A professional conservator told me that she would watch over me and pay my utility bills until I was strong again. It sounded good to me, as I didn’t even know what a conservator was. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get my freedom back and they would take so much of my husband’s retirement money.

Recently, Judge Sterne proclaimed that I was free of the conservatorship of the person, but not of the estate. This is because some people have claimed there is undue influence against me. Many of these same people claimed I had dementia, which I had to hire my own evaluator to prove false. The former judge wouldn’t admit anything positive about me, and was a judge for the conservators.

I am told I can be free of the conservatorship if I agree to change my revocable trust to an irrevocable trust, and I let a trustee, not of my choice, control my money. This is not a good idea for a lot of reasons. The way the trust is written I’ll probably remain on meager rations for the rest of my life. You see, they never really give you your freedom back.

This letter is to warn people that this can happen to any elder who has money and property. Elders, don’t think just any trust will protect you—it doesn’t always.

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