Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

But Pets Can Bring Perspective

We have a good friend who recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend. She came over to our house and asked my animals for some words of wisdom. This is what they told her.

Storm, a 12-year-old Aussie dog, says, “Sometimes you have to let go of people in order to learn more about yourself.”

Makia, a 17-year-old cat, says, “I think that sometimes friends stay close, and sometimes they drift far away. Only God knows which ones will be the friends that stay. I do know if you follow those friends down a path that you are not sure will make you happy, it can be trouble for all the good things you have in your life. It’s best to want to follow down the same path together. If you force one to go with you, you might start to fight a lot.”

Laura Stinchfield

Serafina, an 8-year-old cat, says, “When anyone decides not to spend so much time together, one person is always more sad than the other. I don’t know why this is. If you are the one that is sadder, it is best to keep yourself busy. Talking to the animals helps, and so does working on your computer. You could try to do something like yoga, but it may make you cry more.”

Bean, the 7-year-old bunny, says, “It is hard for the animals when they realize that someone who cared a lot about them is no longer going to come over and give them treats and love. There are few people who really like animals, so it is sad for the animal family to lose a person friend. If the person that is leaving stays friends with the animal family, that would be nice. I hope both people are happier apart because that must be the true reason they are breaking up.”

Luca, the 11-month-old poodle puppy, says, “If the people don’t want to play together anymore, it is best they go away and rest. If they stay together anyway, one may get cranky, and then they won’t like each other. It is important to like each other and to trust each other. If you don’t do that, it is better to find another playmate.”

Maia, wolf dog in heaven, says, “Breaking up can be really hard on one’s heart, because when beings are together for a long time their hearts begin to beat at the same pace. But if you don’t actively see a future together, it is important not to be together. Otherwise, one will hold the other one back, or they both will be held back, and that would be bad for the world because each human won’t be able to grow and heal the world. When it is true love, your souls won’t let you split. So, if you are breaking up, lift your chin up and move on.”

Joey, the cat in heaven, says, “I am sorry that breaking up is sad. But love is not sad. People often think they are in love when really they are just comfortable. Not every being finds true love in each life. That is why it is so hard. If people are meant to be together, they will be. You must be honest, open, and respectful of your ideals and yourself. If you are true to yourself — and so is the other person — everything works out whether you end up together or not. Be confident of the future, and expect love to flow naturally. Go about your life and have fun.”

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