Beauty from the Beasts

Listening to Words of Wisdom from Two Dogs, Two Cats, a Bunny, and More

I ask my animals, “What words of wisdom do you have for me this morning?”

Stormy, my 12-year-young Aussie dog, says, “Sometimes when you don’t feel like it, it is best to get up and go for a walk. Also sometimes when you are lonely, you may need a hug from your animal. I think there is an answer to every question.”

Makia, my 17-year-old pure white cat, says, “Sometimes when I feel like my senses are leaving me, I go and lie near the bamboo and I pretend I can hear them blowing in the wind and then God makes a big gust of wind come so I can hear the sound for real. Angels help you if you help yourself.”

Serafina, my 8-year-old slate gray cat with beautiful eyes, says, “I think it is best to always smile at others. I smile by lifting my head up and making my eyes look bright. When I do this to other animals they treat me better. I make my eyes look bright by thinking something good about the other being.”

Bean, my 7-year-old big black bunny, says, “It is important to learn to communicate so others understand you. Not everyone can read my mind, so sometimes I have to stamp a foot or run toward someone to say how I am feeling. Other times I just have to be patient and wait and then they will figure it out. I have learned the best way to communicate with humans is to think what I want over and over again, and when they start to understand, just be still; but if they don’t understand, it is best to charge them so they keep trying to figure it out. This I do with my pet sitters.”

Storm now adds, “I think the best way to communicate with humans is by looking at them and saying what I feel and need through my heart. Most humans like to feel animals near their heart, so they figure it out.”

Luca, my 10-month-old, cream-colored small standard poodle, says, “I have learned that I have a voice that keeps barking, and when Mom tells me to be quiet, sometimes my mind hears her but my voice does not stop. I am not sure how to figure that out yet, but I am going to keep trying.”

Joey, my cat in heaven, says, “Do good things in the world and believe that there are others helping you. Be patient and everything you need will come to you. If you keep looking and searching randomly, you will throw off the magnetism. Sometimes you have to let a thought go in order for the right situation to happen. When people are used to things not working out, their depression stops good things from happening. Believe in change.”

Maia, my wolf dog in heaven, says, “We all have past lives that are being integrated with our lives on Earth. Know that if you strive to understand others and are compassionate, the best of you in a past life will all of a sudden ignite in the best of you in this life. Meaning you can have spontaneous gifts of knowledge. Believe in the possibility that your mind and body can for, instance, quickly expand to be more intelligent or flexible.”

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