What Do Animals Think of Halloween Night?

Opinions Vary

Chewy, a Sussex Spaniel, says, “I think Halloween is one of the most fun holidays because my kids dress up and pretend they are scaring each other, and laugh because of it. They usually never scare each other. Also, sometimes they drop candy that I eat.”

Cookie, a Golden Retriever, says, “I like Halloween because the kids get to be someone that they are not and they get to see that everyone has fun dressing up, even the adults. I think that even adults get clever on Halloween.”

Laura Stinchfield

Makia the cat says, “I like Halloween because I feel that all the spirits that live in another world get to walk the streets with the children and get to have more fun in heaven. I think the spirits are closer to earth on that day and that they are playful.”

Storm the Aussie dog says, “I like to see everyone in their costumes because it makes me feel as if parents take their children out and care about what they are wearing. Sometimes I meet children whose parents don’t care about them. I also think that children like it because they get to be out when it is dark and they like to see that people in their neighborhood are safe. I think it gives them a connection to their neighborhood that they did not have before.”

Kernel the miniature pony says, “I love Halloween because I get to go walking with my kids at night. I get to see all the scary humans and often they shock me and I feel alerted to danger. Then I get a warm feeling inside that makes me feel good. I get dressed up too. One time they dressed me up like a big spider and I had all these strange fake legs hanging off of me and they kept rubbing on my side. They also made me eye lashes; really big. I didn’t like being a spider. Another year they put a unicorn horn on me and that was cute because everyone loved it but it made my eyes feel strange. This year I am going to carry a stuffed headless horseman. I think that is funny too – a headless human. That makes me feel happy.”

Winston, a black cat, says, “I have a hard time with Halloween season because my people say I have to be extra careful of people trapping me and doing terrible things to me. So I have to come inside earlier than normal. I think that people hurting black cats on Halloween is both strange and scary. I don’t want to ever meet any of those people. I heard my mom say that those people can look like normal people but they have strange lives. I cannot wait till Halloween season is over. Last year my mom painted white on me so that I looked like a skunk. She said it was my costume and it also kept me safe. I don’t know if she is going to do it this year. I think she probably will. For weeks my kids where holding their noses and telling me that I smell funny. I am brave when kids come knocking at the door. I go to the door to see what everyone looks like. All the kids looked at me and smiled last year. I love pumpkins that are carved with different human expressions, that have candles flickering inside of them. I could stare at those pumpkins for hours. They are my favorite part of Halloween.

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