Not Counting Kardashians

William Santoro’s letterin response to my recent letter mixes apples and oranges; I was writing about the inadvisability of imposing unrealistic over-regulation on weddings and events at private residences, not the arrangements for location filming.

So let’s start with that new issue Mr. Santoro raises.

I’m sorry for the problems Mr. Santoro is experiencing with his neighbor, (though I’m not sure of the gravity of the problem since Mr. Santoro speaks of “near” blockage). I can guess the identity of his neighbor, who owns a popular location. I have booked it, but seldom, and I can assure Mr. Santoro that on such jobs no vehicles of any kind have been parked on the street. This is a hot-button to which I always pay scrupulous attention. We specify in the contract with the production company and in our supervision of the job by my office. Filming in the county, including Montecito, requires strict county permits relating to parking, fire, and noise and if any traffic disruption is involved, CHP supervision is obtained. If these measures are not being observed at this property, Mr. Santoro should immediately bring it to the attention of the County Fire Department or the CHP, as it is happening. I’ll help him do it. I live here. I want to continue to have my “no problem” reputation.

As to numbers, I know that jobs my service has handled over the years have generated many dollars to homeowners, vendors, craftsmen, and citizens in the County. This has led to significant numbers of jobs in a county where good jobs are always scarce and no more so than now. I refer a lot of local vendors and never question or follow up on their earnings.

Turning to the issue of the Kardashian wedding, with which I had no connection, my home happens to be in the block of Sycamore Canyon directly above East Valley Road. Like my neighbors, I was inconvenienced. I was surprised by the activity of the helicopters (an activity usually subject to very strict regulation and height enforcement) and the fact that the 10 p.m. noise ordinance, which I strictly adhere to, was not enforced. It is my understanding that everything was paid for by the E Channel, which broadcast “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” The wedding planner was from L.A., so that may explain why so much was brought in and not purchased locally. Many, if not all, of the vendors did it for the publicity. Our hotels and restaurants did benefit greatly – I am told. I do understand that a local party supply company may have provided the tenting, chairs, and tables. If Mr. Santoro wants to follow up, I’ll be happy to help him do so.

Ronnie Haran Mellen does business as Santa Barbara Location Services and as Dream Locations

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