Spread Your Seed

It is very wise to buy food from the local farmers’ markets and, if at all possible, to grow some food at home with heirloom seeds. Naturals plants produce seeds that can produce more food as opposed to hybrid and genetically engineered food and its seeds.

To maintain diversity and quality of food it is essential to encourage local organic farmers to grow diverse products with natural organic seeds. The monopolization of food seeds and food products by mega corporations is already a grave danger to people’s health and the future food supply.

It is very important that small farms of diverse organic products prevail and for families to grow food at home. Natural seeds need to be preserved in many hands and multiplied.

Small organic farms mean health and quality to sustain healthy soil and people as well as the entire ecosystem……LIFE in a word!

The large corporation monopolization and biotechnology of foods has chased millions of self sufficient farmers off their lands causing horrific starvation. Either we take a more natural approach or there will be mass hunger even in the United States. In large areas the soils’ microorganisms and, thus, it’s sustainability has been killed for quick term money profits. Buy organic! Buy local! Plant and store natural seeds.

Organic food as opposed to industrially produced contaminated food is not simply a question of eating a bit healthier. It is a question of life or death for the future of humanity. The industrially produced polluted foods in large scale will cause the death of the very soil that grows food. We must buy and grow organic food if we want our children and all future generations to survive. For thousands of years our ancestors grew food in a sustainable

manner so that we have food today. Now large corporations are endangering the future generations by poisoning the soil and creating plants that bare non-producing seeds.

Buy organic! Grow organic! Store a diversity of natural seeds. Exchange seeds to maintain diversity and create a widespread supply indefinitely.

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