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Remembrance Quilt Project to Stop Gun Violence

Local Mother Makes Newtown Remembrance Quilt As Fundraiser to Stop Gun Violence

Virginia Bobro, local mother, quilter, and childbirth educator, was shocked and saddened by the horrific shootings in Newtown, CT.

That night, she turned to a familiar comforting activity as a way to process and cope with the news and her own emotions: quilting. She began to sew one star quilt-block for each victim of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. By dawn, she realized that her humble quilt squares could also become a way to increase awareness, action, and change. Thus was born her Star Quilt of Remembrance project: Making and giving away her handmade quilt as a way to raise money to stop gun violence.

On January 14, 2013, she will give her quilt to one randomly selected donor in her fundraiser. All proceeds go directly to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence,, a national nonprofit coalition of 48 religious, social justice, and public health organizations that “seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy.” Virginia’s goal is to raise $5000, and one week into her fundraiser, she has already raised over $1000. She has also received a personal email of thanks from the Development Director of CSGV, who was particularly moved by one of Virginia’s blog posts and even made a personal donation.

Virginia grew up locally and attended Peabody Elementary, Laguna Blanca, and Santa Barbara High School. She is now the mother of three teenagers (all Dons), teaches childbirth and breastfeeding classes, and travels internationally to train childbirth professionals. Her husband teaches Philosophy at SBCC. Virginia is also a member of two local quilt guilds: The SB Modern Quilt Guild and Coastal Quilters.

Donors who give $250 or more will receive miniature handmade quilts from Virginia to thank them for their generosity. Word is spreading on social media through women’s health organizations and quilting groups.

Too learn more and make a secure donation, check out the quilt fundraising website at To see Virginia’s blog, to read more about her project and process, to see photos of the quilt in progress, and to add comments or ask questions, check out

Local Mother Virginia Bobro will donate hand-crafted quilt in remembrance of Newtown, CT gun shooting.
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Virginia Bobro

Local Mother Virginia Bobro will donate hand-crafted quilt in remembrance of Newtown, CT gun shooting.

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