Questions for People

Wondering Dogs and Curious Cats

Animals’ questions for people:

Makia (white cat): “Why is it that when you talk to each other, your mind thinks of other things?”

Serafina (gray cat): “How come some of you cannot sleep when you are tired?”

Laura Stinchfield
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Laura Stinchfield

Bean (Bunny): “Why do you hurt animals and not notice, and say mean things to each other without noticing the other person’s feelings are hurt?”

Stormy (Aussie dog): “I have noticed that many people do not walk with their dogs. Why do these people not want to their get their dogs out to see the world? Why are people scared to say what they feel?”

Luca (Poodle): “Why do people bend over to greet dogs rather than sniffing them?”

Nick (one-year-old pitbull): “Why do people create rain in their bathrooms? Why don’t they just wait for the rain outside to wash them?”

Deacon (4-year-old horse): “Why do people drive cars when they can ride horses? I have noticed that people share more gossip and negativity than all the positive in their life. Do you know why this is?”

Cousteau (24-year-old horse): “I am most curious why people do not sense the world around them. They do not know if there is a mountain lion in the bushes, or if there is visitor that just drove into the driveway. They hear only what is in their head, and even that they are not hearing clearly. I also wonder why people eat food that hurts their bodies. Do they not instantly know what is good to eat and what is not?”

Summer (10-year-old Labrador retriever): “Why does the same person always smell different? People have so many different smells on them, and they can change their smell from day to day. Why do they not smell the same?”

Honey (10-year-old Labrador retriever): “Why do people raise their voices so often? Why does the outside get light and dark? Who controls the motion of the sun, and why does it change positions in the sky?”

Seamore (15-year-old parrot): “Why do memories never go away, and why do they come up when you are not thinking about the subject? Good memories and bad ones. The good ones make me sad because I miss my old life, and the bad ones make me scared, and make me act ill toward people even though I am well taken care of.”

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