Pondering Plumes

A plume of hazy something

drifted slowly from ‘neath a plane’s wing

ominously catching the eye of a few

and brewing a heated discussion

about pesticide repercussions.

“My heirlooms are now tainted. What can I do?”

“Are you sure it is what you think?

At this time of year they spray zinc,

a mineral the orchard may need to thrive.”

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have moved there

If their business gives you a scare.

How dare they grow plants and help them survive!”

“It’s legal to spray chems on crops.

Sorry to have to bust your chops

but organic does not mean chemical-free.”

“Think they found the evil fruit fly?

Do you see traps when driving by?

This invasive pest wouldn’t make you happy.”

“Did anyone make a call

to find out what actually did fall?

The Ag Commissioner is usually on it.”

“There are regulations galore

for local farmers to abhor.

Why don’t you call the source first you nitwit?”

Very little sympathy was shared,

not because nobody cared,

because the scare wasn’t funded with truth.

You can take a convincing picture,

but hard facts make a more potent tincture.

Net commenters aren’t your personal sleuths.

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